About Me

My name is Katie Allison, and I love words.  For most of my life, I I’ve delighted in tinkering with the subtle mechanics of the English language.  Whether I’m reading, writing, or editing, I can always become completely immersed and I always enjoy myself.  Something as simple as a beautifully written sentence or the use of an obscure word makes me smile for hours.  I’m a student at Western Washington University, with a self-designed major on all aspects of the written word, and I plan to graduate in the spring of 2011.  Lately I’ve been focusing on technical writing and editing, and I absolutely love working with other people–especially as an editor.

I’m also a lifelong horseback rider, a crossword fanatic, a Scrabble lover, and a loyal Northwesterner.  I live in Bellingham, Washington, where I love hiking in the beautiful, mossy forests.


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