Brochure for Compass 2 Campus Program

For English 462 at Western Washington University (WWU), I was involved in a service learning project with two other students.  We created this brochure for Compass 2 Campus, a peer mentoring program founded at WWU.  The brochure’s primary aim is to convey the pilot program’s accomplishments to stakeholders such as the state legislature, but it will also be widely distributed to people curious about the program.

Because of my group’s diverse skill set, I handled a lot of the writing and editing for the brochure.  We all helped with everything, but my specialty lies in the realm of language, so I was happy to take on the word-related tasks.

Details about Compass 2 Campus can be found in the brochure, which is linked below.  A note: because the brochure is laid out for printing, the pages do not appear in numerical order.  Page numbers are marked.


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